Watery Wednesday # 77


Cold and snow outside, still winter here in Sweden and the trouble for people travelling by train continues. The train switches don't work when it gets ice and snow into them (!?). Sport arenas and shopping malls roof collapse, too much snow on the roof. But this winter there is a lot of snow, more than usually. But why don't they clean the roof? Fortunately no near-accidents yet. So I dream and remember last summer. Here are my photos.

Two of many white steamships going between Drottningholm (where our king lives) and Stockholm. A very nice daytour if you visit Sweden and the capital Stockholm.

More entries here,

One more picture from last summer, I need this myself!

Tranquillity in the morning (the south of Dalarna).



1 Fia:

Om några månader kommer folk att klaga över värmen! :)

2 Artlover:

Kul att se dig delta i Watery Vednesday. Ja, det där längtar man efter nu:-), sommar, sol, värme och glittrande vatten. Hm, dessa båtar går under Västerbron som jag har på bild på min blogg.

3 NatureFootstep:

visst längtar man. :)

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