Mälaren, a sunny day.


Some days with nice sunny weather have given me more watery pictures to share. Here are a few. Still it is the lake Mälaren that give you the water and we are near the town Stockholm, in the suburb of Aspudden and also near the city of town (third photo).

Nice weather and many passangers choose to sit outdoors during the boatride.

One of many steamships that goes from near the town hall (Stadshuset) out to Drottningholm and back again or to other ports in the lake Mälaren, like Strängnäs and Mariestad.

First bridge is Essingeleden, the next one is the beautiful Västerbron. Behind that is the city of Stockholm with the Town hall and the old town.

The town hall and you may also see some of the old white steamships (on the far right).

I love Stockholm with all the water, specially in the summertime.

Other watery photos here,    




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Wonderful shots.

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