Watery Wednesday # 78


Hi, back again from snowy Sweden with some watery photos. You can start to smell the spring in the air, but still winter and snow and ice, sigh. So much ice that some ferryships that runs the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finnland got stuck in the ice. That does not happen every winter!
Anyway, I travel back in time and find two photos, day and night in the archipelago near Stockholm.

One ferry on the way to Helsinki, Finnland.

A steamship s/s Blidösund passing in the evening, I could hear live music from the ship. 

Other participators/photos here,   



1 J Bar:

Snap! I have a cruise ship featured today too.

2 Magical Mystical Teacher:

Aboard the ferry

passengers dancing, singing—

landfall far away.

<a href=http://magicalmysticalteacher.wordpress.com/2010/03/09/watery-wednesday-puddle/>Puddle</a>

3 quiltworks:

Love the night shot - what wonderful reflections.

<a href="http://quilt--works.blogspot.com/2010/03/sail-boat-near-cape-cod-photo-by.html">

...Sunset echoes</a>

4 Randi, Sweden:

Underbara bilder och nattbilden är sååå häftig!

5 Riet:

Still winther there. Nice shots

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